Usefull Tips

Usefull Tips


  • Boxes

Try to pack items from a single room into corresponding boxes. This will help you save time when you unpack. For example, do not place items from the bathroom into a box containing items from the bedroom. This will only delay the unpacking and cause unnecessary confusion and headaches.

  • Valuables

Take the time to pack all of your valuables, such as jewelry, and sentimental items, such as photo albums, on your own. Do not allow movers to pack them for you. This will give you additional peace of mind. If possible, you can transport those valuable items yourself rather than loading them onto a truck.

  • Fragile Items

Label your fragile boxes properly. Use  a permanent marker or computer printed label to make sure the in cannot be rubbed off or smudged from sweat or rain. Besides the “fragile” label, you should also attach a label indicating the contents, such as “dinnerware”, “glassware”, “china” or “knick knacks”.

  • Hazardous Material

Most moving companies are prohibited by law from transporting hazardous materials. However, you can search fro specific hazardous material handlers that will move these products and items for you. It will cost a little more, but it is easier than moving the items by yourself and a whole lot safer.

  • Hot to Move on the Budget

The most important thing you can do to save money is find the right moving company. You want to find a company that blends both reliability and frugality. Also, check to see if you can go with a local mover rather than a large chain if you are just moving across town or to a nearby town. Local movers tend to be much more affordable.

  • How to Choose a Moving Company

Try to find a local moving company by using the phone book and/or asking the advice of local real estate agencies. Real estate agencies often have the inside scoop and will only recommend the most trusted moving companies that they have experience with from past jobs. Most real estate agencies have no contractual or reciprocal agreements with moving companies, so their opinions are usually very objective.